PULSAR EUROPE Home Manual Plug&Play Don't panic Mirror taxi meters Taximeter shop Taxi roof sign shop Contact Roof Sign Shell Standard shell to fit Air Glide Roof Signs, please supply your roof sign number. Shipped with pre applied roof sign number. Please add €12 extra if you want your telephone number added to the sign,  €60.00        Air Glide Roof Sign + S/Bright lighting +  pro controller Air Glide Roof Sign, Super bright LEDs, no more replacing bulbs. Conforms to all National Transport regulations, Fully compatible with PlugAndPlayTaxi (tm)  €172.00 ( roof sign with 60 LEDs which gives a massive 960 lumen light )   ORDER DIRECT FROM US                               Base board + LEDs Base board aluminium anti rust, 60 super bright LEDs  + electronic controller + female power connector, pre configured to replace your existing bulb array.  €70.00
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Certified & EMC tested
Certified & EMC tested
Certified & EMC tested

“EU directive:“it is an offence to place a product on the market without CE Marking”

NEW PAGE 1 PAGE 2 PAGE 3 Taxi Roof Sign shop: STOCK BEING UPDATED You can order your taxi roof sign direct, 086 061329 and pick up, or have delivered same day in Dublin and fitted, for €20 extra, or call any of the certified resellers listed on the don’t panic page. We also have a next day postal service which covers all of Ireland, if ordered  before 1pm. Always check that your roof signs has CE and EMC certification. Mirror taxi meters PAGE 2