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ATA Primus & Gleike Instructions 

. Common questions and answers : Q : how do I adjust the time on my meter ? :( standard and mirror meters both operate the same ) Reply: By law  you are only allowed to adjust the time by + or - 2 minutes every seven days, its quite simple to do, download the Irish owners hand book from the link, at the bottom, if you have not adjusted your time over a very lengthy period, the time could be out by a greater amount than 2 minutes, you have two options, the first option is to reduce or increase the time every seven days by 2 minutes, or contact you nearest ATA installer who will adjust it for you in one go. Also it makes sense at the same time to have your meter back up battery changed in the same visit., as this may be the cause of you losing time. Call 086 0613299 to make an appoitment. Q : After  about 30 minutes, my meter shuts down ?. Reply : Your meter has auto shut down software activated when in  hire mode, the factory setting is  30 minutes, this feature is to protect your  car battery, if you forget to turn off the meter when you finish, and maybe not use the car for a few days, a very weak car battery could be run down. The shut down time can be adjusted up to four  hours, to change this call 086 0613299 Q: Can I ERASE all my totals,  (not reset ). Reply: yes, if the meter has the latest firmware, if not then the only person who can erase your totals is a registered ATA installer. Q: Can I have my telephone number on my  paper receipts. Reply: Yes you can and change it any time, unlike other meters with ATA its a very fast thing to do, but you will need to contact a registered ATA installer. 086 0613299 SCREEN DISPLAY CODES Q: What is ERR b on my screen Reply: To check that it is "err b" on your screen, PRESS an HOLD button 2, for 3 seconds, if PASS comes up on the screen, ( if not see "err 6" on this page) it means the meter thinks some one has tried to open the case, and the security system is activated, this only  occurs when screws on the case have been tampered with, or a non ATA agent is trying to install the meter, this can only be reset by a registered ATA installer, call 086 0613299, Q: What is ERR 6 on my screen Reply : To ensure that you have an "err 6" , PRESS and hold down BUTTON 2 for 3 seconds, if PASS does not appear on your screen then a  component is about to fail or has failed you will need the board repaired. Call 0860 613299 Q: My friend installed the meter or an auto electrician installed it,  why will no registered ATA installer  sign the TT form? Reply : Quite simply, in order to  fit a meter into the car the installer must be registered by Irish Legal Metrology to that  make of meter, this  registration is normally submitted by the manufacturer to ILM , if the seal is broken by anybody but by the listed registered installers, then that person is breaking the law, and Legal Metrology would like to hear about it, to understand fully why the installer will not sign off, read the bottom of the form where he has to sign. Q: Why is DATE ERR on my meters screen Reply: The meters back up battery needs to be replaced, this happens sometimes when your cars battery is dead, or has been taken out, the meter falls back onto its internal power supply, however the back up battery does not last for ever, contact us for battery replacement 086 0613299
Driver operating hand book for ATA Mirror meters
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