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ATA mirror meter package

Mirror meter and blue glow thermal printer (with glove box light). Clips over your existing mirror. 1 years supply of paper rolls. Fully compatible with PlugAndPlayTaxi (tm) Not on sale yet from €350.00 (vat inc)   

ATA Primus / Power  / Gleike

The meter that is designed to give up to 15 years of working life !.  98% of French taxi drivers cannot be wrong, they all use this meter, It has a huge driver fan base across Europe and the US. Nick named by the industry as the 21st century Volvo, The  lightning fast 32bit processor helped give it  the highest score ever achieved in European MID laboratory tests. The modular design of the meters software makes it future proof. No matter what new fare structure is thrown at it. GPS,GPRS,Bluetooth,internet connection via data back. Able to  print out received SMS messages!. Fully compatible with PlugAndPlayTaxi (tm) from €140.00 (vat inc)  

ATA Primus thermal printer / upgrade

The quietest thermal printer on the market, built to last. One of the few printers that has full genuine EU certification. Glove box friendly with a cool blue light, the modular design allows for easy hot swapping no printer programming needed, the lowest priced thermal printer in Ireland. Completely safe you do not have to have the ignition key in for this printer to work ?. Fully compatible with all ATA meters. The printer has been designed for economy. It comes with 1 JUMBO (tm) thermal paper roll that lasts for months, But will happily work with any thermal paper roll found in Ireland. Fully compatible with PlugAndPlayTaxi (tm) From €185.00 (vat inc)  
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ATA mirror meter TaxiPlugAndPlay(tm) just plugs into your car !

Mirror meter and blue glow thermal printer (with a glove box light). 1 years supply of paper rolls. price yet to be released. Fully compatible with certified PlugAndPlayTaxi (tm) roof signs, no installer needed!.DIY. Out of the box and ready to go! Release date late Summer 2013 €0.00 (vat inc)     
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